6 Ways to Reinvigorate Your Patio

Maybe you put your patio in several years ago without much thought for how your outdoor living needs would change, perhaps you recently moved into a new house and inherited a patio that you’re not completely in love with, or it may be the case that you have the perfect patio and you’re just looking to maximize its value.

Choosing the Right Company

Close your eyes and imagine your family’s ideal outdoor living space. Does it have a pool or spa? A fire pit, a grill, or a complete outdoor kitchen? Flowers as far as the eye can see, vegetable gardens, an independent waterfall, a sparkling koi pond? Chances are you’ve envisioned something very beautiful and quite personal to your family and each member’s unique desires and needs. Being able to envision your perfect outdoor space is often the first step in creating an amazing landscape, but projects of any size also require budget planning and precise professional execution.

  • Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchens

Close your eyes and picture your ideal outdoor kitchen. Does it mimic your home’s kitchen? Would you do a smaller scale version, or perhaps just smaller kitchen appliances? Would you focus more on the wet bar or on the cooking equipment? Get a handle on your hopes and dreams for a fabulous outdoor kitchen. Envision the different foods you look forward to preparing and ensure your kitchen setup accommodates those visions. An outdoor kitchen allows you to really enhance the cooking and outdoor dining experience, even if you start with something simple like burgers. Now you can fry up some bacon and sauté some onions and mushrooms to create restaurant-style burgers that are sure to impress. No more dirtying up your kitchen and your deck or patio – now you can keep the mess all in one place.

  • Light

Light Up the Night

Think about the lighting in your home. You likely have functional lighting as well as accent lighting. You may have the ability to create effects, such as up-lighting key focal points of a room, drawing the eyes upward with track lighting inside architectural areas, or surely the ability to brighten and dim certain lights on command. You can switch a table lamp off to illuminate the room more fully from overhead and above all, you can create appropriate moods using the lighting in your home. Why shouldn’t it be the same way in your outdoor living spaces?

  • Unique Features

Unique Features

During the warmer months, everyone wants to be outside. Picture your family splashing in the swimming pool by day, yourself and your spouse enjoying drinks in the hot tub by night, and patio parties that leave your neighbors and friends drooling with envy. The perfect selection of flowers, trees, shrubs and landscaping accents (perhaps a boulder here, a koi pond over there…) create an amazing outdoor setting to make you feel as though you’re on vacation anytime you step outside your home. With a little creativity and some help from an experienced and knowledgeable landscaping contractor, you can create an incredible outside living space to suit all of your family’s needs, and be the Jones’ everyone wants to keep up with.

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