When you’re building your dream yard in phases, it can be hard to decide which project to devote your attention to next. Should you plant a few more trees or add a new flower bed? Maybe. What about that deck you’ve been pining after? It’s a possibility. Is it finally time to put in that pool? Perhaps.

But have you considered a fire pit? Fire pits are one of the most commonly requested features by home buyers for their low maintenance and the wealth of utility that they provide. Here’s what a fire pit will do to transform the way you think about and use your property:

It creates a new and authentic gathering and entertaining space.

As a natural hearth, fire pits can also become the heart of your backyard. When you entertain larger groups, your guests can roam from a seating area to huddling around your fire pit as they break off into smaller conversations.

Your fire pit will also invite the opportunity to bond over a bonfire. Part of the fun of being a homeowner and starting a family is the ability to introduce new traditions as you truly make a space your own. Why not consider having an annual bonfire to spend some quality time with the ones whom you love the most?

It functions as a natural source of entertainment.

Your home should be somewhere you look forward to being, not somewhere that you feel you need to get away from. The addition of a fire pit innately adds a source of entertainment to consider on weekends and leisurely evenings. Why go to a noisy venue on a Saturday night when your backyard beckons with its hypnotic dancing flames and warmth?

It encourages you to take advantage of your yard by encouraging camp-outs.

Camping out is a classic activity, but it can be a hassle: not everyone loves being cut off from electricity and running water, and getting to and from the campsite itself can be a time-consuming and tiring process. One thing everyone loves about camping, though, is the fire. Whether it’s a second helping of s’mores or telling ghost stories, campfires are a charming tradition that never get old.

It adds an interactive and rustic cooking location.

Roasting hot dogs over an open fire is a delicious pastime that’s fun, interactive, and easy! Take some of the pressure off entertaining, or give yourself a break from cooking dinner by opting for a DIY plan that never disappoints.

It extends the annual life of your outdoor festivities.

As temperatures start to dip, parties and gatherings tend to migrate indoors. You’ll get the most out of your outdoor property with the addition of a fire pit. Sitting around the fire is as fun on a summer night in flip flops as it is on a crisp winter evening with a jacket.

Ready to build a fire pit or another outdoor feature in your backyard? Reach out to one of our experts here.